Luxor day trip

Luxor 1 Day Trip

A rich and informative excursion to Luxor – Valley of the Kings from Marsa Alam! You will learn many interesting things about the history of ancient Egypt!

55 Luxor day trip

Luxor Day Trip (By Bus)

If you have not seen Luxor probably you have not seen Egypt!
Relaxing in the resorts of Egypt – be sure to visit the Luxor tour “City of the living

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65 Sale! Luxor day trip

Luxor Day Trip (Mini Group)

A rich and informative excursion to Luxor – Valley of the Kings from Hurghada! You will learn many interesting things about the history of ancient Egypt!

95 Luxor

2 Days Luxor Tour

A two-day tour to Luxor from Hurghada will allow you to learn more about the history of Egypt, visit more temples and tombs, take a look at those places that are rarely visited during one-day tours.

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40 Sale! Excursion to Dendera

Dendera 1\2 Day Tour

Egypt is famous for its rich historical past. Since you have arrived to rest in Egypt, you should definitely reserve a place for a tour of Dendera from Hurghada

55 Dendera day tour from Hurghada

Dendera + Abydos day Trip

The temples in Dendera and Abydos are the most impressive and interesting. They were the largest cult centers of Egyptian civilization

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60 Sale! Desert Safari

Tour To Dendera and Luxor Temples

Dendera is a small town on the road to Luxor. In ancient times, thousands and thousands of pilgrims gathered there to extol their beloved goddess Hathor….

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80 Aswan Day Tours

Aswan Day Tour

Aswan day tours from Hurghada is an express tour with visiting the most famous sights of the city. Our tour for all lovers of ancient Egypt who want to visit the most famous places

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95 2 Days Aswan & Abu Simbel Tours

2 Days Aswan and Abu Simbel Tour

In our overnight trip to Aswan you will see all the most important and famous sights of the city. 2 days excursion to aswan includes…

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65 Full-Day Trip to Cairo & Giza by Bus

Cairo Day Trip (By Bus)

The trip to Cairo from Hurghada by bus starts with a night transfer from city to city. Therefore, we will pick you up from your hotel around 1 pm and then

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65 Sale! Day Trip from Hurghada to Cairo

Cairo Day Trip (Mini Group)

An individual excursion to Cairo from Hurghada by car covers the entire program of excursions to Cairo for one day and the program is similar to excursions to Cairo by bus and plane.

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270 Cairo Day Tours from Hurghada

Full-Day Trip to Cairo by Plane

The easiest way to visit Cairo from Hurghada is by plane. You will not spend the night on the bus, and in Cairo you will have more time

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20 Paradise island

Paradise Island Snorkeling Trip

A full-day trip to Paradise Island from Hurghada is the right way to make your holidays in Hurghada unforgettable! Amazing beach and turquoise red sea water will make you feel

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20 Orange Bay

Orange Bay Snorkeling Trip

Would you like to visit Maldives in Egypt?  Then the Orange Bay tour is especially for you! Excursion to Orange Bay will let you receive complete relaxation in Hurghada because

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80 Mahmya Island_Luxor Tours

Mahmya Island Hurghada

Excursion to Mahmya Island from Hurghada is considered one of the most favorite excursions by tourists and recently Mahmya is in demand by residents and travelers of Hurghada. Mahmya Island

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40 El Gouna

El Gouna Sea Trip

We suggest you take an El Gouna city tour to see this beautiful and modern resort. Discover the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea and enjoy the

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40 Utopia Island

Utopia Island Snorkeling Trip

Utopia Island is an unforgettable island near Safaga. Sea Trip to Utopia from Hurghada is very popular among tourists. This is due in part to related legends about the island.

20 diving in hurghada

Diving in Hurghada

Diving in Hurghada are really good for both beginners and professionals. Many tourists want to try scuba diving, but are not ready to take courses and get certificates.To admire the

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Private Boat Trip in Hurghada

Private Boat Trip

Private boat trip in Hurghada is what you need if you want to spend time on the high seas only with your family or friends.

15 Quad Bike Hurghada

3 Hours Safari by Quad Bike

An exciting trip through a Desert in a powerful four-wheeled quad bike awaits you. Accompanied by instructors, you will go to conquer the sands, independently managing the “quad”. Any person

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25 Safari Hurghada

Desert Adventure Safari

A favorite tourist attraction is the desert safari in Hurghada. Here is a hot wind in the face, speed thrills, and an unforgettable experience!
Desert Adventure is an excursion that

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15 Sea scope

Sea Scope

The Red Sea is well known for its unique beauty. It is the beauty of the underwater world, coral gardens, unlike each other, and colorful fish that attract millions of

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45 Submarine


Holidays in Hurghada attract tourists with the crystal-clear turquoise water of the Red Sea, and pleasant snow-white sand, and good weather conditions. But perhaps the most important thing is the

20 Dolphin show in Hurghada

Dolphin Show

Would you like to get to know dolphins more and enjoy the contact with them? In this case, you definitely need to visit the Dolphinarium Dolphin World in Hurghada.

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32 Grand aquarium Hurghada

Grand Aquarium

Grand Aquarium is a tourist miracle of Hurghada, which combines a zoo with exotic birds, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, a mysterious cave tunnel, a suspension bridge, and a mini maze.  This

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45 Jungle aqua park HUrghada

Jungle Aqua Park

Holidays by the sea may seem monotonous if you spend days only on the beach… visit the best Aquapark in Hurghada and have fun during your holidays!
On the territory

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13 Hurghada

Hurghada City Tour

On our Hurghada city tour, you will be able to observe all the various contrasts of Hurghada, where next to the luxury of hotels is the everyday life

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