2 Days Aswan and Abu Simbel Tour

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Number of people Type of car Price per person
     2 Persons Private limousine  355 € p.P.
 3 – 4 Persons Private minibus  160 € p.P.
 5 – 6 Persons Private minibus  115 € p.P.
 7 – 8 Persons Private minibus   95 € p.P.


Duration Trip Type Availability Pick-up Time
1 night / 2 days Individually Every day at around 05.00 a.m.

On our overnight trip to Aswan, you will see all the most important and famous sights of the city. 2-day excursion to Aswan includes:

  • Philae temples. The temple complex of Filet Island includes the Nektaneba I temple, the Troyan pavilion, the Hator temple, and the monumental temple of Isis.
  • Abu Simbel temple. Among the famous sights of Egypt, Abu Simbel is one of the first places, second only to the pyramids and the sphinx. The value of the temple is emphasized by the UNESCO organization, which included the landmark of Egypt in the World Heritage List.
  • The Unfinished Obelisk. This is a huge granite obelisk, the creation of which was never completed. The three sides of the spire, about 42 meters long, were actually finished (except for the inscriptions). At the last stage of work, cracks appeared in the stone. Now the obelisk still lies where the disappointed masons left it, still partially in the rock from which it was made, and without any indication of what it was intended for.
  • Aswan High Dam. The dam is an earthen dam with a granite stone embankment and a core of clay and cement. Monoliths are placed at the very rear end of the dam, placed in a circle and symbolizing the sacred lotus flower. The dam created a gigantic artificial reservoir called Nasser in honour of the President of Egypt. This is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world.

During a 2-day excursion to Aswan from Hurghada, you will spend 1 night at a hotel.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick Up From the Hotel and Back to the Hotel.
DEPARTURE TIME Please wait at least 5 minutes before the Excursion.
Round-trip hotel transfers.
Philae temple.
Abu Simbel temple.
Nefertari temple.
The unfinished obelisk.
The high dam.
Professional guide
Drinks in the restaurants and the hotel.
1 night in a hotel.