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Diving in Hurghada are really good for both beginners and professionals. Many tourists want to try scuba diving, but are not ready to take courses and get certificates.To admire the unique multitude of fish that are not found anywhere else in the world, divers come from all over the world. But it is not necessary to be an experienced diver to immerse yourself in a fantastically beautiful underwater kingdom.

Your instructor at the beginning will give you the basic knowledge you need for diving.You will begin your studies in the pool.

Throughout t diving in Hurghada tour awaits you 2 stops on the high seas. At this time, you can do 2 dives, accompanied by an instructor.
After diving on a yacht, a delicious lunch awaits you (soft drinks are included in the price).

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick Up from Hotel and Back to Hotel.
DEPARTURE TIME Please wait at least 5 minutes before the excursion.
Diving equipment.
water and soft drinks.
Photo or DVD.
Professional dive (€10 additional cost).


2 reviews for Diving

  1. John

    I booked a diving tour with an English-speaking instructor from Tours Luxor. Everything went perfectly, I really liked the organization. The instructor was very professional, which was a pleasant surprise. We did some text diving and after that real diving. I really liked it! I recommend to everyone!

  2. Luca

    I want to thank Turs Luxor for a well organized and implemented diving. At home, I thought about taking my family on this adventure. But I could not decide on a date. Therefore, I just threw the site to bookmarks on the phone and went on vacation to Hurghada. When we decided on vacation, when it would be more convenient for us to go, we simply filled out an application through the website and that’s it. Then the company worked clearly. Always in touch. Timely taken from the hotel. The guides are English-speaking, outgoing, good-natured. Prices are not expensive. The day was wonderful. Many thanks

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