Dendera Tours

$65.00 Sale! Excursion to Dendera

Dendera + Abydos

The temples in Dendera and Abydos are the most impressive and interesting. They were the largest cult centers of Egyptian civilization

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$45.00 Sale! Dendera day tour from Hurghada

Dendera 1\2 Day

Egypt is famous for its rich historical past. Since you have arrived to rest in Egypt, you should definitely reserve a place for a tour of Dendera from Hurghada

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$65.00 Sale! Desert Safari

Luxor + Dendera

Dendera is a small town on the road to Luxor. In ancient times, thousands and thousands of pilgrims gathered there to extol their beloved goddess Hathor, who was considered at that time the patroness of women and was responsible for procreation.

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